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Buying Guide: Cot Mattresses to Kids Beds

Cot Mattresses
Futons are naturally supportive, warm, dry and healthy, They are a great choice for baby bassinets and cots. They can be made to your specifications with a choice of materials and flexibility around sizes.

Important Bed Considerations:
Safety and Health
Futonz use a range of natural materials all completely free from toxins and metal. For babies we recommend firmer options for safety reasons. Many children – especially those with allergies or asthma – are sensitive to artificial and synthetic materials in some mattresses. Futonz provide organic, natural and hypoallergenic material options especially through our latex range.

We use organic latex meaning there are no chemicals used in the growing or processing. Latex is a 100% natural material made from the sap of the rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis. Cotton is also 100% natural, coming from within the seed pods of the cotton plant, Gossypium hirsutum. Wool allows air to circulate and wicks excess moisture out of the mattress, keeping it fresh and dry. We use a wool blend with 60% pure wool and 40% polyester fibre that stays fluffy long term as standard. Alternatively, 100% pure unbleached NZ wool is available on request for no extra charge but will eventually ‘felt’ and compress a bit. We are always happy to custom design and make a mattress from a selection of the materials that will best suit your child’s requirements.

Our experience and research suggests there is increasing consensus that firm cot mattresses are best for sleeping babies. Research does indicate this reduces the chance of SIDS. Latex is has a dense, firm, supple consistency and brings this quality to a latex core futon. Cotton is fluffier, but is still medium firm, stable and supportive in feel. Older children may prefer a full latex mattress.

We make infant and baby mattresses to your size specifications. Simply tell us your cot frame size and we will make a mattress to suit.

Please contact us to inquire – you’ll be talking to someone that actually makes child mattresses – and so we are able to give personalised advise on the size and material specifications to best suit your child.

Beds for Toddlers
Low futon with basic base.
Soft Futon with Basic Frame
The toddler bed follows on from the cot and is usually made for children aged around two to three years of age, when they are capable of climbing out and escaping cots!

When your baby outgrows a cot, a single mattress with a simple low futon frame is a good transition. A Futonz Basic or Gypsy frame combined with a soft futon or latex mattress provide great choices.

Children Aged Three to Teens
Futons or a latex mattresses are great at this age and will provide a healthy sleep environment for growing bodies. Turned regularly, futons will be comfortable for about 10 years, and we can recondition them with fresh cotton to extend this further. Latex mattresses are strong and resilient, and will last for at least 20 years without special care.

Our most popular base for teens is the Siesta which reclines into deck-chair position, perfect for reading, watching movies or gaming.

Choosing a Mattress
Choices include design, materials and size. Having an appropriate mattress will ensure proper support and comfort, leading to a quiet, restful, healthy night’s sleep for your child and you.

Our mattresses include natural wool which is warm and cosy in winter, dry and fresh in summer, even in humid weather.

Health professionals often recommend organic, natural or hypoallergenic materials for a mattress for kids. This is particularly true for children with allergies or asthma.

We suggest having your child try out the kid’s mattresses to discover which type of bed is most comfortable. We have a 7 days trial period we extend to all our standard mattresses and sizes.

The Futonz factory showroom is open Monday to Saturday or contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, and offer advise on what choices may suit your child best.

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