Organic Latex Mattresses

Choose a mattress that provides the best in sleep comfort, lasts for decades, and is entirely good for your health and the environment.

Our Range of Organic Latex Mattresses

Seraphic 20 - Luxury thickness, incredibly supportive. Soft to Firm layers allowing complete customisation to your preference. Optimum comfort, support and health with 200mm of organic latex. Designed for New Zealand climates with pure organic wool quilting that breaths and insulates. Features a flexible organic cotton and bamboo cover.   Seraphic 15 - Customise the latex foam layers from Soft, Medium to Firm. Features  organic New Zealand wool quilting and organic cotton and bamboo cover.   Supreme 12.5 - Medium Latex Mattress - 125mm of organic latex with the perfect density and softness. Wrapped with thick wool batting for extra cosiness, and organic New Zealand wool quilted into the cover.   Premium 10 - Firm Latex Mattress - Compact and resilient, the Premium 10 has a firm 100mm latex core wrapped with wool for breathability and freshness.

Latex is the Ideal Material for Beds

Whether you choose soft, medium or firm, latex provides an ergonomic sleep environment that encourages a straight spine and beneficial sleep posture, perfect for health, comfort and rest. The latex we use is made from pure milk from organic rubber plantations. It will last for over 20 years and retain its density and elasticity. It is healthy for our bodies and the environment, providing a long term basis for healthy and comfortable sleep. Advantages of pure latex beds include:
  • pressure relieving effect from perfectly even contouring. This allows unimpeded blood circulation and full joint support
  • optimum balance of support and uplift. This encourages a correctly aligned sleeping posture without reducing comfort
  • consistent depth and surface. Latex is 'all point elastic', distributing weight evenly, and promoting a horizontal sleep surface
  • resilient and level mattress that maintains its density and thickness over time and use, giving years of comfortable and healthy sleeps
The feel of a latex mattress - the 'softness' or 'firmness' - depends on two main factors: Density: the consistency of the latex when squeezed, from soft to firm. How firm a latex mattress feels at the same depth. Depth: the total thickness. At a given density, a thicker mattress generally feels softer. Latex mattresses are all point elastic, providing consistent and equal pressure in every direction, across the whole mattress. This elastic quality distributes body weight evenly and consistently, contouring to body shape and giving a horizontal sleep posture. A full latex mattress responds to shape and weight to provide the optimum support for your body. A straight spine is important for healthy sleep and most people find a 'flat' sleeping surface to be the most comfortable. Unique properties of Futonz Organic Latex Beds include:
  • Excellent Life Span: pure latex lasts a long, long time. We expect our latex beds to last longer than any other mattress on the market. All our latex mattresses come with a ten year guarantee. With reasonable care, the latex in our beds lasts well beyond 20 years.
  • Non-Allergenic: Latex is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and hypo-allergenic. Our FAQ has more information on this.
  • Dust-Free: Excellent for asthma and hay fever sufferers.
  • Dust Mite Free: A special property of latex is that it is naturally mite resistant. People with dust mite allergies - especially those who get asthma related to dust mites - are relieved to find a mattress material that is naturally resistant to these insects.
  • Superior Air Circulation: our design promoting wrap around air flow ensures even humidity and heat distribution, meaning no heat traps or moisture build-up. This leads to a mattress excellent in variable climates; warm in winter, cool in summer.
  • Safer: Latex produces no toxic gases, even when burnt.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Latex is produced from a carefully managed and renewable organic resource. In fact, as the demand for natural rubber has increased, so has the reforestation of rubber plantations
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