Here are some comments made by our customers:

I wanted you to know that with our old bed my back was so sore,
from the minute I lay down, waking me all through the night and by morning I would be hobbling like an old lady….
But no more! The support from the latex mattress is incredible, I can feel my back, and indeed my whole body
coming back into correct alignment – so thank you, so very much!

Kelly – Petone (17/8/15)
Hi Ralph,

Mattress received, thank you. It is absolutely fantastic, we love it!! So comfortable. Makes it hard to get out of bed! It exceeds our expectations, especially having bought it without having seen or tested it out.

Michelle – Dunedin (15/6/15)

I bought my 1st ever futon from you in 2002 when you were still in Pollen Street and had to sell it (with a heavy heart) when I went overseas in 2012. It still looked BRAND NEW when I sold it.

I’m so happy I found you again out West and now I’m back and sleeping on the best futon ever! The owners are friendly and will give you tips on how you can care for it. They even deliver it and assemble it themselves.

Great way to support a Kiwi Owned business and you will definitely get a bang for your buck!

Sam Raj Kumar – Mount Albert. (11/9/14)

Perfect. Just perfect. We have had our Seraphic super king mattress for just over six months now and are thrilled to have finally found a bed that is soft and supportive and completely non-toxic.

Because of the 7 day trial we had the confidence to buy the Seraphic mattress sight unseen. We did tweak the firmness within the trial period and opted for a slightly softer feel. We replaced the bottom 10cm firm layer with two 5cm medium layers; the rest is made up of 5cm soft layers. We also purchased a 5cm soft topper layer that is covered in a soft stretchy bamboo cover.

We had the Seraphic mattress made up with a “his and her’s” side, this means we can move any of the layers around and completely change the feel of just one side of the bed. One side has the two medium layers that the bottom within the mattress giving a deep, soft plush feel, the other side has a medium layer at the top and the bottom within the mattress, giving a buoyant, supportive feel with plenty of cushioning give for the hips and shoulders.

If you look at overseas website reviews, many people will tell you their conventional sprung mattress worked okay for the first six months then things went down hill. This too was our experience with a top brand NZ inner sprung. It started out great but the comfort layers soon indented and we were sleeping in hard hollows. Not so with latex. What you start out with is what you get, and what you get you will have for many, many years.

The bamboo cover with the quilted wool is superb. The bamboo is silky-soft and the wool does a brilliant job of regulating the bed’s temperature.

Thank you Futonz for outstanding customer service and for being committed to making a world class mattress, that is non-toxic and will last for such a long time. It is fantastic to have a bed that allows us to have a perfect nights sleep and a comfort knowing it will still be doing so for so many years to come.

David – Tauranga (20/6/14)

Thank you for you customer service, I have been raving about you in my yoga and pilates classes. It is so impressive and uncommon these days to have such a customer service focus. Thank you so much and we will be in touch soon. Seonaid – Auckland (5/3/14)

Hi Ralph, Just wanted to let you know that the latex mattress you put together for us is great! Finally my husband and I have the perfect mattress that we can both sleep comfortably on (he has fixed slats under his side and I have flexi under mine) but the top is the ideal mattress! Thank you for making it for us and ending our nearly 4 year search for something we both enjoy! Regards Noa Noa and Thomas. Wellington (10/2/14)

We LOVE our Seraphic mattress! We can hardly believe the difference this
beautiful mattress is making to our lives- we are on a bit of a high!
My parents are going to sleep a night on it as they can’t quite believe
all the claims are true, and are growing jealous of all our boasting
about our wonderful mattress. They have been considering purchasing a
memory foam mattress- but not if we have anything to do with it now that
we have experienced the glory of organic latex! You have a wonderful
product, and we will surely be spreading the word loud and strong.
Nigel and Lara – Whangerei (7/2/14)
Hi Ralph, After a couple of months of great sleeps on the Heveya soft mattress and pillows I wanted to thank you for your professionalism and for demonstrating your desire to find the right mattress for your customer. It is not often that I have encountered such genuine customer service. Thank you, Karen – Devonport (24/12/2013).

Hello, I have just received the double size Supreme mattress, and want to say how very impressed I am with everything: from the amount of time you spent talking to me on the phone, the sample of the cover you sent me, the speed of the order and delivery, the way the mattress was protected with two layers of plastic, and most importantly how utterly beautifully made this mattress is. It is absolutely perfect on the antique bed it was meant for, and is a dream to lay on. Thank you so much. Kindest regards, Anne – Wellington (30/7/2013).

Great products. The latex mattress has definitely made a difference to my allergy symptoms. It’s also really comfortable. Thank guys! – Jimmy – Manukau (06/13)

Hi Robin, I just wanted to say thank you. Since I got my latex supreme mattress I have been sleeping so well! When I get out of bed in the morning, I no longer have to stretch and click my spine, and I no longer toss and turn so much during the night. A nice bonus is that it’s much easier to make the bed than it was with my inner sprung mattress, since the latex mattress is flexible, it’s much easier to put my fitted sheets on! I commend you on your excellent customer service. A great help to me in making the right choice of mattress. Yours Sincerely,
Yvonne (7/1/2013).

Good Afternoon, I just want to thank you guys and the business for my futon mattress, it arrived early this morning, that was so quick and easy. It’s the best feeling ever to be able to use my futon couch again to sit on or sleep on. Kindest Regards, Velda – Hamilton (12/09/2012)
Thank you so much for our wonderful bed. It arrived yesterday and I had the best nights sleep! The macrocarpa base is beautiful and the mattress is exactly what we wanted. Thanks again!! Jennie (21/07/2012)

Hello, Thanks so much for the speedy delivery. First time in awhile that I haven’t woken up with a sore neck! Jordan – Auckland (13/07/2012)

Hi Ralph, I have to say I had a most snugly sleep last night. I felt like a princess, the new mattress is divine. I have emailed my friend who bought a bed and mattress from you about 9-10 years ago and told him how good it is to have a new mattress. I suspect once she sees mine, one of my daughters will be replacing hers when their bank account recovers from the carpet and tile job happening next week… Thank you for your service… it was good to catch up again. Enjoy your day, Marilyn – Auckland (28/06/2012)

Hi Ralph, Just a quick note to say thanks very much. We received the futons and have had them installed and been using them on and off for some time now and we are very pleased with both pieces of furniture. The slat bed in particular is very, very comfortable. Apologies with the delay in getting back to you. Regards, Vivian – Queenstown (20/06/2012)

Thanks you for your excellent service
I’m impressed
Brett (05/04/2012)

Just to let you know, I have received my Siesta Futon with charcoal mattress, it looks great. Before I got the chance to try it, it has been claimed by the cat!! I’m guessing its quite comfortable then and look forward to my turn. Many thanks, Regards Amanda (24/01/2012)

Mattress arrived, has been slept on, is wonderful thank you
Jessie – Wellington (16/12/2011)

Hi Ralph, How are you? We have received our futon and base and we would like to give a huge thanks for that. It’s a very comfortable bed and we’re really enjoying it. You should open your shop here in Christchurch
Sincerely yours,
Dmitry – Christchurch (21/11/2011)

Robin, Sorry its taken so long to contact you back. The bed arrived all complete, we assembled it and my daughter, whose bed it was, is very happy with the results. So thankyou for all your efforts. (24/11/2011)

Hi there, First of all thanks for our great new bed – we really love it and find it a lot better than our inner-sprung one, we are having an excellent night’s sleep. Thanks for all the great customer service and delivery. Naomi (15/09/2011)

Hi Ralph, The mattress arrived safely. It is perfect. Thank you very much for a job well done. My daughter is over the moon. Cheers Peter – Hamilton (06/09/2011)

Hi Robin, Mattress is lovely and comfortable, have slept so very well since we have had the new mattress. Regards, Sarah and Alan (08/08/2011)

Dear Ralph, The bed settee arrived at the end of last week, but we didn’t assemble it until today. We are very pleased with both its appearance and its comfort, and the neutral flax linen cover goes well in the room. It will really come into its own at Christmas when we have formerly had to put mattresses on the sittingroom floor to accommodate one set of our married children. Thank you. Kind regards, Lesley. (19/07/2011)

Just a quick thank you. Mattress is brilliant! Kimi (08/07/2011)

Hi Ralph,
Our advice to potential buyers of your futons: Don’t hesitate to purchase online this beautiful, comfortable, handcrafted, New Zealand made product! You will not be disappointed.
All the beds and settees have exceeded our expectations in terms of comfort and style. Ralph met our short deadline for shifting into our new house on Waiheke. He took the time to personally deliver our order to the Island and setting everything up in time for our arrival from the States.
Best wishes for your continued success!
kind regards,
Dr. George and Leigh Fenigsohn, Virginia, USA
PS Ralph, you have our permission to use our comments for any publicity. (11/05/2011)

Testimonials preceding 2011:

Gypsy Slat Bed Base & Futon FrameI bought a Futon mattress off you about a year ago and I was very impressed with your service. I know I should have responded at the time but had a lot of other stuff going on then and never did, so I’d like to say it now: Thank you!! Also I have just returned from 6 months travelling in Asia and can honestly say Id been looking forward to coming home to this bed – it is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in and I am very very glad I bought it! – Jo

Hello there, I hope you guys remember me, my name is Kay, I live in Hawea Flat / Wanaka. I bought a deluxe futon off you around November / December. I am absolutely loving my futon to bits and will recommend it to anyone that asks. – Kay, Wanaka

The replacement latex mattress you sent with wool pillow top was the answer to providing better pressure points relief. Since sleeping on your mattress I have not got up in the morning with any lower back pain. Wonderful! And I am enjoying the soothing body warmth of the wool resulting in relaxation and the ebbing of body aches. Why it has taken me over 60 years to discover how good a wool top latex mattress is is still a mystery. Thank you Ralph, for outstanding customer service. I am so pleased that I found FUTONZ on the web and got in touch with you, because you do have an excellent manufactured product – I know, I’m sleeping on it. I’m planning on buying your wool duvet before winter. – Graeme

Ultra – latex foam mattressJust wanted to let you know that the futon is perfect! – Miriam

Thanks for the delivery of the duvet. The duvet, like the futon, is wonderful and cosy! – Sarah

Just thought I’d let you know my new Futonz slat bed and latex mattress arrived about 10 days ago, and I think it is marvellous. Very comfortable, and the perfect height to fit my old recycled headboard, while allowing me to still store things underneath. Thank you very much for your service. – Anna

Thank you so much for the sofas. With the whole family coming we all slept really cozy and they’ve just been a treat. I just want to thank you and the team for everything. We’re really, really rapt. If we ever want more futons made we know where to come. – Rosie

Basic Slat Bed Base & Futon FrameThe futon arrived safely!!!!, and is truly the most gorgeous bed to sleep on!! and beautiful to look at!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have a music studio by day and bedroom by night now – it’s great!


I have previously bought a futon from you and really enjoy it. My girlfriend also enjoys it and now wants one for herself! – Simon

I just wanted to say thanks for the futon you delivered last week. We’re both loving it. It’s so comfortable and I’m already noticing how cool it is to lie on as the nights get warmer. Futons are great beds in general but your futon is the best I’ve ever slept in (and I say that having been to Japan many times). Even our cat loves it and that’s really saying something if you knew our cat. Anyway, thanks again. We probably won’t see you again for another 20 years because of the quality of your product, but one day, if the futon ever needs replacing, you’ll see us again.

Glen and Dorothy

From Futonz:
Thank you to all our customers. We appreciate all feedback, and love providing real quality beds to people.
Kind regards, Ralph