Here are some comments made by our customers:

David & Jocelyn, Kawerau (24/06/20)

Thank you for your awesome mattress. We are very happy with it. And are sooo glad we chose a Futonz latex mattress. Service was excellent and staff always cheerful and helpful.

Jude, Golden Bay (12/05/20)

Been sleeping on our new mattress a week now, and I LOVE it. Thanks so much for your quality product, and for being so easy to deal with… just thinking in bed last night… this mattress doesn’t bounce me, doesn’t swallow me… it simply holds me while I sleep. Perfect.

Andrea, Thames (07/05/20)

Finally upgraded to a natural latex mattress (seraphic 20). Ahh the bliss of a supportive, comfortable night’s sleep. Doesn’t trap and magnify your body heat like synthetic memory foam (ugh). And the Heveya rounded pillow just completed the refreshing sleep. The Geneva wooden frame fitted together easily and simply and looks lovely in the rimu oiled finish. Thanks for the great admin service, on-time order processing and friendly delivery to the door. Nice to support locally made items. Absolutely recommend!

Nadine, Christchurch (20/03/20)

As a mum-of-three I can highly recommend Futonz mattresses and futons. After using their organic cot mattresses for years, we’ve upgraded the wee ones to big-kid mattresses. We’ve even had mattresses custom-made for our caravan. There’s something for a range of budgets, the products are of the very best quality, you don’t expose yourself to nasty chemicals and the pricing is great value for money. What’s more, the customer service is stellar – always happy to answer questions and accommodate wishes. Thanks for supplying NZ with such great bed products!

Vicky & Anna, Auckland (01/03/20)

Thank you for the futon – we are enjoying it very much and appreciate the great workmanship in the product !!

Tara, Auckland (15/02/20)

Everything went great! We love the frame. Thanks for such a smooth process 🙂

Nadine, Auckland (20/01/20)

Thank you, the mattress has arrived and fits perfectly! Greatly appreciate your service and my little boy will no doubt love your mattress (even if I love it more than he does knowing he’s sleeping on the best).

Tracey, Hawkes Bay (07/07/19)

Hi, just wanted to let you know I love my bed, really like the pine base, love the natural fibre mattress, many thanx.

Erica, Hawea Flat (22/07/19)

Thank you, the mattress arrived a couple days ago and is wonderful. Thank you for a superb natural product.

Jan, Twizel (11/07/19)

Hi Whitney, I’m writing to nominate you as employee of the year and Futonz/Natural Beds as company of the year. Your kindness, courtesy and help made my purchase effortless and the timely follow ups are very much appreciated. The bed base arrived safely yesterday, was incredibly easy to set up and has created a comfortable bed. Many, many thanks.

Ruth, Auckland (17/02/19)

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the futon. It’s so well made and very comfortable! We have been struggling to find something similar to what we had in Japan, but this is actually more comfortable and our toddler sleeps much better on this than our bed or cot. Again thank you, it’s been amazing!

Clinton, Auckland (30/12/18)

Wishing you both a very Happy New Year! The beds have had good use already thank you with family and house guests over Christmas.

Himanshu, Auckland (10/11/17)

Although located slightly outside of town, Futonz have made the most comfortable cotton futon that we could own. We have been sleeping on it for about 2 months now, just amazing sleep! The owner and staff were helpful, and it only took under a week to get the futon made.

Jodie, Fiji (15/01/17)

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your product. We bought a custom made cot futon for our 12 month old. We are currently living in Fiji and have not been able to find a good mattress to fit the odd sized cot we have. Consequently our 12 month old was often waking in the night and coughing as well. From the first night of sleeping on her custom made cot futon, she slept through the night and did not cough at all. She sleeps so well with your mattress we wish we could take it everywhere with us when we travel. She now rarely waked and night coughing is no longer an issue. We thought it was great value for money to have the mattress custom made specifically for us from such quality materials.

Alan, Auckland (16/12/16)

After 2 trains, a bus and a 20 minute walk we finally arrived at this shop at the edge of the city. It was worth every step. The sales person was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly & the beds well displayed and comfortable. They helped us decide on the perfect futon for us. After purchasing for delivery in 2 weeks, they were even so kind as to give us a lift back to the train station. Highly recommended experience. Once you buy a “Futonz” futon you’ll never be swayed to buy a “fancy” mattress from TV again. We love our futon!

Michelle – Dunedin (15/06/15)

I bought my 1st ever futon from you in 2002 when you were still in Pollen Street and had to sell it (with a heavy heart) when I went overseas in 2012. It still looked BRAND NEW when I sold it. I’m so happy I found you again out West and now I’m back on the best futon ever! The owners are friendly and will give you tips on how you can care for it. They even deliver it and assemble it themselves. Great way to support a Kiwi Owned business and you will definitely get a bang for your buck!

David – Tauranga (20/6/14)

Nigel & Lara, Whangarei (07/02/14)

We LOVE our Seraphic mattress! We can hardly believe the difference this beautiful mattress is making to our lives – we are on a bit of a high! My parents are going to sleep a night on it as they can’t quite believe all the claims are true, and are growing jealous of all our boasting about our wonderful mattress. The have been considering purchasing a memory foam mattress – but not if we have anything to do with it now that we have experienced the glory of organic latex! You have a wonderful product, and we will surely be spreading the word loud and strong.

Noa Noa & Thomas, Wellington (10/02/14)

Hi Ralph, Just wanted to let you know that the latex matress you put together for us is great! Finally my husband and I have the perfect mattress that we can both sleep comfortably on (he has fixed slats under his side and I have flexi under mine) but the top is the ideal mattress! Thank you for making it for us and ending our nearly 4 year search for something we both enjoy!

Jimmy, Manukau (05/06/13)

Great products. The latex mattress has definitely made a difference to my allergy symptoms. It’s also really comfortable. Thank guys!

Marilyn, Auckland (28/06/12)

Hi Ralph, I have to say I had a most snugly sleep last night. I felt like a princess, the new mattress is divine. I have emailed my friend who bought a bed and mattress from you about 9-10 years ago and told him how good it is to have a new mattress. I suspect once she sees mine, one of my daughters will be replacing hers when their bank account recovers from the carpet and tile job happening next week… Thank you for your service… it was good to catch up again.

Vivian, Queenstown (26/02/12)

Hi, Just a quick note to say thanks very much. We recieved the futons and have had them installed and been using them on and off for some time now and we are very pleased with both pieces of furniture. The slat bed in particular is very, very comfortable.

Peter, Hamilton (06/09/11)

The mattress arrived safely. It is perfect. Thank you very much for a job well done. My daughter is over the moon. Cheers.

Dr. George & Leigh, Waiheke (11/02/11)

Our advice to potential buyers of your futons: Don’t hesitate to purchase online this beautiful, comfortable, handcrafted, New Zealand made product! You will not be disappointed. All the beds and settees have exceeded our expectations in terms of comfort and style. Ralph met our short deadline for shifting into our new house on Waiheke. He took the time to personally deliver our order to the Island and setting everything up in time for our arrival from the States.
Best wishes for your continued success!

From Futonz:
Thank you to all our customers. We appreciate all feedback, and love providing real quality beds to people.
Kind regards, Ralph