Seraphic 20 Latex Mattress

From $2,050

Luxury Organic Latex Mattress

  • Choose from flexible knitted bamboo & cotton fabric (contours well with soft and medium latex), or choose woven cotton for a durable, firm surface.

  • Choose your preferred feel of soft, medium or firm.


Customise to your preferred feel.

This mattress can be customised to suit your preferred mattress feel. In fact, each layer can be customised, choose between soft, medium and firm to find the perfect feel. The luxurious thickness of pure latex provides optimum posture support.

The Seraphic 20 Organic Latex Mattress has three layers of organic latex – 200mm of latex in total – to ensure optimum comfort and support. The layers are protected by a organic cotton and bamboo cover, with organic New Zealand wool quilted to the underside. This cover can be removed for easy dry clean.

We offer a three month layer swap period for our Seraphic mattresses. If you find your mattress too soft or too firm, simply let us know and we will exchange the layers for you, free of charge, until you have found the perfect feel for your body.

Natural Materials

Organic latex is long lasting, hypoallergenic and natural – making it the perfect material for healthy beds.

Through years of sleeps the Seraphic 20 Mattress will retain its depth and support. We guarantee our latex mattresses for 10 years, but with reasonable care the latex should last for well over 20 years with little change in density or shape. Organic latex is the superior material for a sustainable and eco-friendly mattress, good for you and the planet!

Latex provides great posture support and seamlessly contours to your body.

Organic Wool Quilting

The quilted cover of the Seraphic mattress contains a thick layer of organic New Zealand wool. This layer breaths and insulates; providing air circulation while regulating moisture and temperature. Wool fibres are naturally hollow, and convey excess humidity out of the mattress, giving a fresh and dry sleep environment which is cool in summer, warm in winter, and fresh all year round.


The quilted cover can be unzipped and dry cleaned. Great for keeping your mattress fresh and clean over years of use.

Comfort Guarantee

The Seraphic 20 Mattress is covered by Futonz 10 year guarantee. This includes all aspects of workmanship, materials and durability. The Seraphic is also covered by Futonz 7 day trial.

Estimated Delivery Time

All of our latex mattress, futons and bed bases are made to order from our workshop in West Auckland. The usual order completion time is two weeks plus delivery.

Auckland Delivery Cost

We deliver bed frames and mattresses in Auckland metropolitan for a $60 flat rate, and we are happy to setup. Alternatively, you are welcome to pickup from our showroom and workshop in Oratia, West Auckland.

Nationwide Likely Delivery Cost

Shipping costs relate to the total volume of your order and your address. The following chart is a simplified indication of shipping costs for home addresses near freight hubs. Your actual shipping cost is calculated on the Checkout Page when you enter an address. If your address isn't found, please choose 'Delivery Quote' when you Checkout, and we'll reply with 'at cost' freight options.

North Island South Island
Whangarei, Rotorua, Tauranga, Hamilton Taupo, Napier, Hastings, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Wellington Gisborne, Whanganui Nelson, Blenheim, Westport, Greymouth, Christchurch, Dunedin Queenstown, Invercargill
For one mattress or frame
90 90 120 180 230
For each additional mattress or base add
30 40 60 70 90
(These are an estimate of delivery costs.)


Frames are 'flat packed' into three-wall cardboard packages less than 30kg each. Mattresses are 'double bagged'. Seraphic mattresses latex layers may be bagged individually to keep their weight under 30kg.

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